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Supplemental Oxygen


Oxygen Therapy could benefit a person with PF by reducing  breathlessness and fatigue, and provide an active lifestyle when using oxygen. With permission from their doctors, they can jog, work out, and play sports while using oxygen. 

Symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis are shortness of breath, cough, and tiredness.  Overtime, the symptoms could worsen and a person might need to use Oxygen. 

Getting supplement oxygen can be a complicated process. Always talk with your doctor about the process.

Here are a couple of resources explaining supplemental oxygen.

The CHEST Foundation provides a detailed oxygen therapy resource.

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation provides another detailed resource.

Sometimes a doctor will use a six minute walk to determine if a person needs to be on supplemental oxygen. This American Lung Association link describes the six minute walk.

This American Lung Association link describes Oxygen Therapy.

Using a Pulse oximeter will help with monitoring blood oxygen levels. There are various opinions on what level of O2 saturation you should maintain. The level of saturation will help in determining the need for supplemental oxygen. Discuss with your doctor on what levels they recommend.


Raremark has an article on Pulse Oximetry.

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