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2021 06 13 Bert jumbotron (photo by Kevin Olson)

2021 06 13 Jamie and Janell running final stairs (video by Kevin Olson)

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On June 13, 2021, Bert Maidment completed the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb. In support of Bert, Kevin, and Dana Olson, Jamie Ludwig and Janell Reichuber also climbed.  They climbed up and down 1400 stairs. Here are some pictures, videos from the event, and Kevin's TV interviews.  On the videos, do not forget to unmute (lower right-hand corner).

2021 60 13 Bert, Jamie, Janell, Kevin (photo by Dana Olson)

2021 06 13 Bert and Kevin Finish line (photo by Dana Olson)

2021 06 13 Kevin's Fox 4 interview

2021 06 13 Bert Maidment final set of stairs (video by Kevin Olson)


Feb: Liberty Hospital Connections did an article about Nick Sloop doing a 5K run/walk.

Mar 2: Bert Maidment climbed 902 steps with the help of an oxygen tank to raise awareness for the American Lung Association.

2021 06 13 Kevin CBS channel 5 interview

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